marketing distinguo

A simple framework to answer the most difficult question: "Why should they buy your product?"


How the brand/product should be - or is - perceived by your customers and prospects

Marketing Distinguo

The unique, distinctive way to sell a product or service

Unique Selling Proposition

The creative execution of Positioning and Marketing Distinguo in advertising

"This article has good examples, stories, a new theory, but also a process to finally come to the differentiation you need".

Prof. Philip Kotler

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If you have one or more of these keywords in your claim or payoff you most certainly need Marketing Distinguo!

  • innovation / innovative
  • passion
  • quality
  • turnkey solution
  • precision
  • tailor-made
  • knowledge / competence
  • experience
  • top / leader / the best
  • since 19xx
  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • craftsmanship
  • creativity / design
  • availability
  • concreteness

Marketing Distinguo

The glue connecting two concepts

On the one hand, Positioning refers to the “place” the brand occupies in the consumer’s mind.

On the other hand, USP positions the product within a particular market in order to create the perfect advertising.

A glue between these two concepts is essential as it not only simplifies the job of the marketing manager and communications agency, but is reflected in the product/service being offered and/or in the hallmarks of the company itself.


The question every marketer should be asking for first is: “Why should I buy your company’s product rather than your competitor’s?”

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is almost always “I don’t know” or “I don’t know how to determine it”.

I have called this glue Marketing Distinguo: the unique, distinctive way to sell a product or service and the process used to determine it.

In other words: how to find the factor which differentiates a specific product from its competition.


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The author

Gabriele Carboni


Gabriele Carboni is co-founder of Weevo S.r.l., an Italian web agency specializing in the international market approach through Social Media. He is engaged in Marketing, Communication and Sales, is a Digital Strategic Planner, journalist and Communications Designer.

He is the only Italian who accomplished the MIT Digital Business Strategy Executive Program about Digital Transformation (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

He has worked as a lecturer for 24Ore Business School, Ninja Academy, Warrantraining and several Italian universities.

He is co-publisher and columist of Il Giornale delle PMI, the Italian online magazine dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. He is also the author of "Strategie web per i mercati esteri" (Digital Strategies for International Markets), Hoepli 2016.